Thursday, August 19, 2010

We're BACK - Bigger, Better and Offering the Best Value for caricatures

So first off, we'd like to say a big thank you to all of our customers over the past year, and people who have visited this blog and left their comments. We've been very busy with a few site changes, redesigns and offering even more products. A few months ago, we launched a brand new website specifically for the football fan in mind. We had a lot of requests for custom made football caricatures on the Bill & Ben site, and had been offering different football team caricatures on our sister site My Football Well, we decided to switch domains, and launch a new site, specializing not only in football caricatures, but also other football merchandise such as football calendars, books, magazine covers. Basically, real collectors items that will mean a lot to supporters of particular Premiership football clubs. Check out our latest football caricatures at the official My Football Toon site.

At the same time, we have made a range of improvements, and expansions on the Bill & Ben site, and I'm sure you'll agree its a lot clearer and easier to find the type of caricature you're looking for. We've also added a range of new caricatures, previously not offered before from employment caricatures through to gift ideas for best man in the form of best man caricatures. We're sure you'll find the right caricature for the right caricature. The link is as below

personalised gift ideas

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