Friday, August 28, 2009

Why cartoon caricatures make great gift ideas

For quite a few years now, people have decided to give caricature drawings as gifts to friends, family members etc. simply because they offer a great alternative to presenting that special somebody with yet another new watch, that they don't need, or another CD/DVD. By giving a caricature drawing as a unique personalised gift item, it sends out a heartfelt message that careful thought and consideration has gone into the gift idea - as opposed to a rushed last minute gift idea. What's more is that the person will really be grateful that they have something humorous, and that they can keep for a long time to come and place wherever they so wish. A unique hand-drawn caricature gift also will keep visitors entertained, as you've got something to show them. The cartoon caricature is certainly not just the sort of gift you might give, because there was a street artist doing quick drawings whilst you were on holiday.
The caricature drawings you should always select should be hand-drawn and not computer generated ones, as sometimes the latter can look a bit tacky. Make sure you give your artist your exact detailed specificiations and provide them with clear head and shoulders photograph. If you find yourself stuck for ideas, there are many websites that will point you in the right direction with their exisiting templates they've done for their clients.

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